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Craig Jaris

Craig "Mr. CJ" Jaris

I've spent most of my adult life championing positive change, in part by harnessing technology when it enables us all to accomplish more. Change agent or chief instigator are two labels that suit me well. As a dad and grandfather, I enjoy continually learning while encouraging those around me to pursue lifelong learning.

Working with students from 9th through 12th grade, the digital media courses I lead are immersive. Students are best served if they take them 'in order' as outlined in the GISD Secondary Course Guide. Students work on a variety of projects both independently and in small groups, covering a wide variety of communication experiences.

In addition to the classroom-based work, there is mandatory time outside of the classroom for projects and assignments on location. Sports, Performing Arts, Film, and Broadcast are only a few of the student programs they work on. There is collaboration with other departments as well.  

2023-2024 classes
Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications
Audio/Video Production 1 & 2
Audio/Video Production Labs 1 & 2
Practicum in Audio/Visual Production 

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance

This Introduction to commerce, marketing and personal finance aligns well with the topics we explore in Audio/Video. Regardless of your career plans, having a solid understanding of business operations will prove useful.

Class work and assignments are managed using the Schoology application, easily accessed through Classlink login for both students and parents. [Schoology will be live, and available to view, in mid-August].

email is the best means of reaching me!


(512) 943-5100 ext. 7378