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Kelly Mayo

Mr. Kelley Mayo

  • Classes: Automotive Basices, Grades 9-12



  • Phone: (512)-943-5000, Ext. 7081




  • Course Information: 

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 I was onced asked " Mr. Mayo what are we going to do today" and without thinking much about it I replied "same thing we do everyday Pinky try and take over the world!" I am not sure why I said that but it stuck. I have been in the automotive field in one way or anohter for over 32 years. I started out pushing a broom and pumping gas working my way through the ranks to manage the service department of a major dealership in Austin. All of this has lead me to were I am today and that teaching. I have been with GISD teaching for 6 years. But I have deep roots here in Georgetown. I have been here since 1976. Proud class 1986. It is an honor to come back and train the next generation of wokers.