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English III-26501

Welcome to English III

English III or Junior English is the study of American Literature. Students will learn how to analyze themes within and across texts; they will also learn strategies of literary criticism to help them learn how to analyze literature in relation to its historical and philosophical contexts. Students will participate in reading various styles and genres of writing. This will include short stories, poems, and novels. Students will learn more sophisticated ways to organize complex ideas in formal compositions and in informal essays. Students will also advance their skills in grammar and vocabulary. Students will participate in multiple writing assignments to support what they are learning. The course schedule is:

1st Nine Weeks: Genre Study Students will review different types of genre using examples including short stories and articles.
2nd Nine Weeks: Drama & Persuasion The class will further explore the genre of drama and the theme of persuasion by reading The Crucible by Arthur Miller and exploring the theme of (In)Justice in America.
3rd Nine Weeks: Informational Text & Poetry This Nine Weeks will include diving into the literary timeline of American Literature through poetry and information texts.
4th Nine Weeks: Fiction The 4th Nine Weeks will include studying the American Dream using The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald as our main text.

Supplies: Composition or spiral notebooks, paper, pen/pencil, folder or binder to keep limited printed assignments

English III 23-24 Syllabus