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PE Classes

Georgetown HS :  PE Personal Fitness

Please refer to the Google Classroom page for each student's / class's particular Test/Assignments.

If you need a copy of the PE Class Syllabus... PE Syllabus


All students need to purchase a $10 'GHS PE Dept' and be expected to wear that and dress out each day for class in attire they can move, workout, and participate in.


Daily grades (30% of average) = 50% dress out / 50% participation. (dress out is PE shirt and pants/shorts and shoes a student can safely and actively participate in...'all or nothing' grade)

Test grades (70% of average) = 1 Mile run per 9 weeks, 2-3 online assignment test grades


Please see the syllabus and hopefully, it will answer your questions.  If not, please contact me if you have any further questions