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Eduardo Venegas

Coach Venegas

Coach Venegas, Eduardo

Hello! I am Coach Venegas and I'll be teaching Spanish II. This is my 12th year teaching Spanish and my 5th year at GHS! I am extremely excited to be part of this great team at GHS. I am originally from Peru, where I lived there until my high school years. I am a University of Houston graduate!

I am also the Girls Soccer Head Coach.


Classes: Spanish II

Contact Info:

512-943-5100, Ext. 7327

Conference (by appointment):


  • Course Information: Students can find all required assignments for my classes as well as instructional reference materials in our online Google Classrooms. Parents, if you would like information about what we are studying in class, please ask your student to log in to Google Classroom and show you.



1st period  OFF

2nd period Spanish II

3rd period Varsity Soccer

4th period Conference

5th period JV Soccer

B Days:

1st period  OFF

2nd period Spanish II

3rd period Conference/PLC

4th period Spanish II

5th period JV Soccer