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Kimberly Dodds

Kimberly Dodds

  • Classes Taught: French 1, 2, 2 Adv, 3 Adv, 4 AP
  • Email:
  • Phone: 512-934-5100, ext. 7036
  • Conference Times: By Appointment; A/B Days 8:40 am - 9:30 am; B days 11:25 am - 1:20 pm
  • Tutorials: 8:10-8:30 am - Tuesday and Wednesday; 4:10-4:40  Tuesday (or by appointment). Please let me know you are coming in advance by sending an email.
  • Course Information: Students can find all required assignments for my classes as well as instructional reference materials in Schoology. Parents, if you would like information about what we are studying in class, please ask your student to log into Schoology and show you. Students can also visit my growing Google Site for additional reference and extension materials.
  •  Digital Interactive Syllabus 23-24  - Please refer to this document for course content, expectations, policies, and supplies needed for this school year. 

About Madame Dodds

I am so excited about starting my seventh year as the French teacher to the most inspired students of Georgetown High School! I started studying French at the age of 11 and French has taken me to many wonderful places. I'm glad you are joining me on the journey this year. 

I studied French throughout high school and took the AP exam, which I hope many of you will set as a goal. I received 20 college credits before I entered Penn State University. If you continue your French journey through to the AP exam, not only will you learn to speak an amazing language and explore new cultures, but you too could earn up to 20 credits at many universities.  This means you could graduate early, save money, or pursue other courses that interest you! 

I attended Penn State University and majored in French and Business. I received a Fulbright scholarship and taught English in a French high school for a year after college.  I also worked for AT&T in New York City for many years, where I had a French boss. I have also taught French and ESL in Pennsylvania. 

I am married and have three active sons. Our oldest son recently graduated from Auburn University and is working towards being a commercial pilot. Our middle son is a junior at TCU where he is studying finance and playing football. Go Frogs! Our youngest is a junior at Round Rock High School and loves any sport and fishing. I am here for you this year - to teach you French language and culture, to help you navigate your time at GHS, and to support you in your goals. It is going to be a "belle aventure". I can't wait to see where your French learning takes you!


Class Schedule
A Days

  • Period 1A 8:40-9:30 - Conference
  • Period 2A 9:37 - 11:09 French 2 Advanced
  • Period 3A 11:16 - 1:24 French 1
  • Period 4A 1:31-3:03 French 2
  • Period 5A/B 3:10 - 4:00 French 2

B Days

  • Period 1B 8:40-9:30 - Conference
  • Period 2B 9:37 - 11:09 French 3 Adv, 4 AP, 5
  • Period 3B 11:16 - 1:24 Conference/PLC
  • Period 4B 1:31-3:03 French 1
  • Period 5A/B 3:10 - 4:00 French 2