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Lillian Lermon

Hello! Welcome!

Lillian Lermon

  • Classes: Spanish II and Spanish II Advanced

  • Email:

  • Phone: 512-943-5000 ext. 7359

  • Conference Times (By Appointment only): 11:16 - 12:45

  • Course Information: The main goal for each student is for them to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish as much as possible! A secondary goal is for students to gain a deeper understanding and respect for the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. 

About Mrs. Lermon

Hola, I am excited to be here with you and on your language learning journey! This year, I am teaching Spanish II and Spanish II Adv. This will be my eleventh year working with wonderful students!

I graduated from Amarillo College in 2012 and West Texas A&M University in 2013. I graduated from Michigan State University in 2018 with my Masters in Foreign Language Teaching. 

When not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family the most. I have two little girls! In my free time I enjoy reading, baking, scrapbooking and watching Netflix. I also enjoy fishing with my husband and nephew!

2020-2021 Schedule

A Days

  • Period 1AB: 8:40-9:30 Spanish 2 Advanced
  • Period 2A: 9:37-11:09 Spanish 2
  • Period 3A: Conference
  • Period 4A: 1:31-3:03 Spanish 2
  • Period 5AB: 3:10-4:00 Spanish 2

B Days

  • Period 1AB: 8:40-9:30 Spanish 2 Advanced
  • Period 2B: 9:37-11:09 Spanish 2 Advanced  
  • Period 3B: Team Planning
  • Period 4B: 1:31-3:03 Spanish 2 Advanced
  • Period 5AB: 3:10-4:00 Spanish 2

Where to find important information: 

  • Google Classroom