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Grace Lisenby

Advanced biology (9th grade) and AP Biology (11th and 12th grade)

Georgetown High School

Phone: 943-5100 X 7018



My Education & Teaching Background

B.S Biology,  Baylor University, 1991  (Sic 'em Bears!!)
30 years teaching science in Texas
22 years teaching biology
18 years teaching at GHS


Time A day    B Day

8:40-9:30 (1st period)

Advanced biology Advanced biology
9:37-11:09 2A/2B 
Conference  AP biology
11:16-1:24 3A/3B                
Advanced biology  Conference
1:31-3:03 4A/4B AP biology    AP biology
3:10-4:00 (5th period) Advanced biology    Advanced biology