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Emily Jackson


8:10-8:30 AM M-F 

4:00- 4:45 pm Monday & Thursday 

If your student needs alternate times, please email me in advance and I will try my best to accommodate


Contact Information:                            

512-943-5100 x 7136     


     A Day                                       

1        AP Human Geography   8:40 - 9:30

2A      AP Human Geography   9:37 - 11:09

3A      Conference 

4A      AP Human Geography   1:31 - 3:03

5th     AP Human Geography    3:10 - 4:00

     B Day

1         AP Human Geography   8:40 - 9:30  

2B      Conference              

3B      AP Human Geography    11:16 - 1:24

4B      AP Human Geography    1:31 - 3:03

5th     AP Human Geography     3:10 - 4:00

Summer 2019 EF Tour to Paris in front of Eiffel Tower


Hi all,

I have been at GHS for the past eight years teaching AP Human Geography, World Geography, and AP World History.  I am fortunate to get to teach what I love.  I earned a B.A of Arts in Geography at the University of Texas Austin in 2005.  I grew up in a military family, so I have traveled most of my life.  I have lived in Georgetown with my husband, two kids and two dogs since 2014.  In my spare time I enjoy camping with family and friends as well as tending to my backyard urban farm.


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