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Jason Allgood


Mr. Jason Allgood

     This is my first year at Georgetown and I will be teaching Psychology, AP Psychology and AP US History.  I have been in education for 18 years and exited about being at Georgetown High School.  I grew up in the midwest where most of my family lives in Iowa, and moved to Texas after college graduation.  I have been a head coach, but now I enjoy watching my on kids play.  If you need to contact me, the best way is through email.  My email is  

 Most assignments and activities will be posted on Google Classroom this year.  Tutorials will be held before school everyday except Friday.  If you do wish to study Friday morning just make an appointment.  

School Bell Schedule



My Schedule:

A Day

B Day

1st Period-  Conference/Tutorials

1st Period-  Conference/Tutorials

2nd Period-  AP US History

5th Period-  Psychology

3rd Period-  Conference/Duty

6th Period-  AP US History

4th Period-  Psychology

7th Period-  AP Psychology

8th Period-  AP Psychology

8th Period-  AP Psychology