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Randall Madsen

Randall Madsen

Room 512

512-943-5100 ext. 7558

Conference times (By appointment) 8:40-9:30 a.m.


Hello,  I am Randall Madsen and I am currently teaching World Geography teacher at Georgetown High School. I have been teaching at GHS for ten years, but this will be my 35 year as a teacher. My teaching career began in 1988 upon my graduation from Moorhead State University in Moorhead Minnesota with a BS degree in Social Science with an area of concentration in History, and Minor in Coaching. My career has taken from Iowa to Minnesota, Washington, and Texas.


9th Grade World Geography

Mr (Coach) Madsen Schedule

A  Day
1   8:40-9:30       Conference
2   9:37-11:09     World Geography
3  11:16-1:24      World Geography    
    12:19-12:49    C Lunch
4  1:31-3:03        Conference
5  3:10- 4:00        World Geography
B Day
1  8:40-9:30        Conference
2  9:37-11:09      World Geography
3  11:16-1:24      World Geography
    12:19-12:49    C Lunch
4  1:31-3:03        World Geography 
5  3:10-4:00        World Geography