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8th Grader Participation FAQ

GTCG 8th Graders FAQ 

Question:   Will my 8th grader be a full member or some type of special performer?

Answer:     8th Grade students that are selected for the team are FULL members of the team and are expected to follow ALL expectations of the team per the handbook.  A student's performance spot and amount of performance time will depend on the growth over the summer as well as ability level by the time placement selections for the competitive show happen later in July. 

Please know that 8th graders ARE able to perform at UIL sanctioned marching contests.  Just like any other member of HS age, they will be placed in performance spots and opportunities based on their level of understanding and execution of the choreography and skills learned.  If they want a more inclusive part of the show, they will need to put more time/effort in and execute the skills.


Question:   Will my 8th Grade student be expected to participate in Summer Activities?

Answer:     Yes.  Any member of the team (be it 8th or 9th - 12th) will have to plan and attend our Summer Guard Camps and Summer Band Camps.  Attendance at these camps is MANDATORY.  If a student is absent from any portion of the summer camps, then they will be missing valuable information from camp instructors and teachers that will be more difficult to get from outside time.  Absences from camps will not necessarily lead to a student not being able to be on the team, however, it can and will affect the performance spot they are given.  Students that miss multiple days of any of the camp dates scheduled often are not as prepared for the placement auditions for the competition show because they missed that information and often did not do enough to catch up and make sure they learn it.  They are CERTAINLY encouraged to get with teammates and learn any and all things missed.  If there is a specific part that they want to be in, they will have to have all that material ready when the placement audition date comes in late July.


Question:   Will my 8th grader be expected to attend all performances?

Answer:     The short answer is 8th grade students WILL be expected to attend and participate in EVERYTHING the Marching Band and Colorguard does in the summer, fall, and spring with the exception of the following:

- Any High School pep rallies (do not have to come nor perform)

- Any recruiting done at the middle schools during lunches

- High School Class Period related requirements / assignments

- Anything decided at the director's discretion


Question:   What will the cost be for my 8th grade performer?  Is it different from the other high school aged students?

Answer:     8th Grade students will be expected to have all of the items that are required for ANY GTCG member.  More than likely the fees will all be the same (or close to).  If there is something that only the high school students specifically need and use that 8th grade students do not, then costs will adjust accordingly.


Question:   How does my 8th grade student get to GHS for rehearsals, games, and other requirements after school?  Is there transportation provided?

Answer:     At this time, currently, there is no official GISD transportation to get 8th Grade students from their respective campuses to GHS.  Parents will need to make transportation arrangements to get students to GHS for expected required activities.  That being said, planning and coordinating carpools has been a common thing in past years, and we certainly encourage it.  We have been working with campuses to find possible ways of making it happen, however, it is difficult to manage as bus routes to get students home are happening at the same times.  We will still be fighting for, and looking for these avenues in the future.  Contact Brandy Watson (our Colorguard Booster Representative), as she has had her students go through this process before.  She can probably give you some advice and helpful tips.


Question:   If over the summer me or my student feels that this isn't the right place for us/them, can we quit?  Will there be a refund?

Answer:     No one here at GHS can force any student to continue in any activity.  However, any student that is wanting to leave the program will need to do so as soon as possible.  The staging for the show, costumes and equipment ordering, and other things are planned (and often paid for) way in advance.  If you or your student decides to leave, it makes it very difficult for everyone left behind.  This is a TEAM BASED ACTIVITY where the actions of an individual GREATLY AFFECT EVERYONE AROUND THEM.  Please be mindful of that before your student tries out or considers leaving the team.  Once the deadline date of June 6th arrives, all payments and deposits are due and students (as well as their families) are expected to follow through with their commitment.  Beginning June 7th...NO REFUNDS will be issued for any monies paid, and if anyone decides to terminate their membership for any reason, ALL FEES are owed up to the amount of the time of their departure from the team (for example: if the point someone quits and the calendar says $450 should have been paid by this date, then the family is responsible for that $450 and nothing going further).



The GTCG is not a casual "school club".  It is a competitive, fully immersive and involved activity.  This activity is NOT an activity where students and parents casually can "come and go".   This activity teaches so many skills and lessons that students use during AND after high school.  The students learn not only all the individual traits and reliance, but they also learn about how their actions and INactions affect others. 

We pride ourselves on supporting our members in learning these lessons and seeing it through.