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Welcome to the G.H.S. U.I.L. Math Events Home Page!  There are three different math events in the U.I.L. Academic Competitive Program.  The events are Mathematics, Number Sense, and Calculator Applications.  See the individual event pages for more detailed information about each event.   
Students are not expected to be "math geniuses" in order to compete, although math geniuses are welcome.  Many competitors come in as 9th graders, and do not yet have a lot of skill and knowledge.  As students practice and compete, they learn the "tricks of the trade" and gain a lot of confidence.  Often, the best competitors began with very little success, but over time grow to become winners!  Any student with an interest in math, some extra time to practice, and a desire to learn should sign up!  Competing in the U.I.L. math events often aids students in their high school math course work. 
Practices are held weekly for the U.I.L. math events.  Attendance at practices is not required, but is encouraged.  Our U.I.L. competitors are also encouraged to attend invitational meets once a month, starting in November.  Invitational meets are held on Saturday mornings at various high schools in the area.  They provide students with the opportunity to compete against students from other schools, practice their skills, and win awards.  Students attending U.I.L. meets ride on a school bus from G.H.S. to the site of the meet, and return on the bus later in the day.  Students are encouraged to bring practice materials, homework, books, games, etc. to keep them busy between their events.  Students should also pack a lunch or bring money for the concession stand.  The district U.I.L. meet is held in March.  Students who do well at the district meet advance to regionals, and from there can advance to the state meet.  Scholarships are awarded to students who win at the state level.  If you are interested in competing, or would like more information, contact Mrs. Hise.   

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