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Calculator Applications

U.I.L. Calculator Applications Event

The U.I.L. Calculator Applications Event has 70 problems.  The test is a fast-paced number crunching competition, which lasts for 30 minutes.  Students must have speed and accuracy. 

Calculations involve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, powers, exponentiation, logarithms, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, iterative solutions for transcendental equations, differential and integral calculus, elementary statistics and matrix algebra. In addition to straightforward calculation problems, the contest shall include geometric and stated problems similar to those found in recently adopted high school algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus textbooks, previous contests, and UIL materials related to the contest.

Students are allowed to use any calculator that does not require auxiliary power, but the memory must be cleared.  The answer format is very strict.  Even correct answers are counted wrong if the answer is not given in the correct format.  Students are allowed to erase answers. 


The score is calculated by:

(number of problems attempted x 5) - (number of wrong or skipped problems x 7)

SKIPPING PROBLEMS DOES COUNT AGAINST YOU!  The number of problems attempted is counted as the last problem you attempted on the test.