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Number Sense

U.I.L. Number Sense Event

The U.I.L. Number Sense Event has 80 problems.  The test is a Mental Math contest, and lasts for only 10 minutes.  Students may not use any calculators, scratch paper, or anything else.  All work must be done in your head.  Students are not allowed to erase, mark through an answer, or write over an answer.  Students must write their answers in pen, and make no other marks on the page.  The key to success in this event is to learn shortcuts.  Some problems have a star next to them.  Those problems are estimation problems, and answers within a range around the correct answer are accepted. 


The score is calculated by:

(number of problems attempted x 5) - (number of problems wrong or skipped x 9)

SKIPPING PROBLEMS DOES COUNT AGAINST YOU!  The number of problems attempted is counted as the last problem you attempted on the test.